Piezo-ceramic SONOX® P Materials

Advanced Ceramic Materials for Piezo Applications

With their different qualities and application options, SONOX® P brand piezo-ceramic materials are synonymous with ultimate efficiency and maximum reliability in the world of sensors, actuators and transducers.

CeramTec developed SONOX® P high-performance materials for use in piezo applications, as piezo-ceramic components are sometimes exposed to high stresses and must still fulfill their functions with maximum reliability. Piezo-ceramic materials are classified according to their chemical composition on the one hand, and by the specific application conditions on the other. Besides the typical parameters, selection criteria include behavior under high electrical and mechanical loads. CeramTec divides the SONOX® P materials into the following categories:

Typical applications Standard material
Ultrasonic cleaning
Sonar technology
Sensor technology
Material testing
Medical diagnostics
and therapy
Ultrasonic processing
(welding, drilling)
Piezo-electric generators

Materials for Power Transducers:

  • Low dielectric loss
  • Permittivity in the range between 900 and 1,400
  • High Q-values in the range between 500 and 2,000
  • High Curie temperature
  • High coercivity

These materials withstand both high electrical driving voltages and intense mechanical (pressure) loads. Materials of this type are specifically well suited for high-performance ultrasonic applications in the range from 20 kHz to several MHz.

Materials for Sensors:
SONOX® P5, SONOX® P502, SONOX® P504 and SONOX® P508

  • Permittivity in the range between 1,000 and 2,000
  • High piezo-electric activity (d33 ≥ 400 * 10-12 C/N)
  • Low Q-values (≤100)

Sensor applications are typically combined systems in which the piezo-ceramic is used conversely as an ultrasonic transducer and as a receiver. SONOX® P502 and SONOX® P504 are specially developed materials with a high rate of thermal and temporal stability. This makes them ideal for automotive applications in the area ranging from -40º to +160º Celsius.

Materials for Actuators:
SONOX® P505 and SONOX® P53

  • Very high expansion (1.4–1.7‰)

In addition to dry-pressing both materials can also be manufactured as a ceramic tape, with layer thicknesses of 30 μm to 300 μm. SONOX® P53 is optimized for discrete set-up technology, SONOX® P505 for monolytic multilayer technology.

Materials for Igniting Gases:
SONOX® P41 and SONOX® P5

  • SONOX® P41: Use as squeeze igniters
  • SONOX® P5: Use as impact-type igniters

Grinding the front and end faces of the cylinders enables parallelism < 15 μm.

Special Materials:

  • SONOX® P6: Suitable for high-temperature applications up to 200°C
  • SONOX® P51: Very thin design with high piezo-electric activity (d33 > 500 pC/N)
  • SONOX® P1 LF: Lead-free piezo-ceramic materials

Other special materials are available on request.

Note about the RoHS Directive – Recycling of Piezo-ceramic Components

RoHS: Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

This directive describes the avoidance of dangerous or hazardous substances in electrical or electronic equipment. The Multifunctional Ceramics Division produces and sells ceramic components and is therefore not directly affected by this directive; however, our customers may be. Piezo-ceramic components are primarily composed of lead compounds such as lead zirconate and lead titanate. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided, as the European Commission has also concluded. Therefore electrical components which contain lead in a ceramic matrix compound have an exemption from the restriction in the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive.

In spite of this and for this reason we want to assist our customers in this matter: CeramTec offers to take back piezo-ceramic components and dispose of or recycle these in an environmentally-compliant manner. The prerequisite is that the piezo-ceramics are returned without foreign components (e.g. not in a housing or a mold). Please contact us if you are interested in recycling piezo-ceramic components. We will be happy to make you an offer.

Another step toward conformity with the RoHS Directive is CeramTec’s development of SONOX® P1 LF, a special lead-free piezo-ceramic material.